Juliette has a bone to pick with Madisson on this week’s episode of ‘Siesta Key’ — and we have an exclusive sneak peek at what goes down!

Madisson Hausburg has been spending quite a bit of time with Alex Kompothecras on this season of Siesta KeyHer friend, Juliette Porter, who’s also Alex’s ex, isn’t too thrilled about the pair’s rekindled friendship, and she lets Madisson know it in this EXCLUSIVE preview from the July 28 episode. The clip shows Madison, Juliette and Kelsey Owens meeting up after Thanksgiving, which Madisson spent with Alex’s family.

“How was your Thanksgiving at the Kompo house? Was it SO much fun!?” Juliette asked Madisson sarcastically. Madisson explained that most of the conversation at the dinner was centered around one topic: The impending arrival of Alex and Alyssa Salerno’s baby. “It was fine,” she said. “It was Alex’s family, Alyssa’s family, and then me. So much of the conversation was revolving around the gender of the baby.”

juliette porter
Juliette Porter rocks a bikini for a ‘Siesta Key’ photo shoot on the beach. (MTV)

Madisson then showed Juliette and Kelsey the invitation for Alex and Alyssa’s baby gender reveal party. The girls cracked up at the extravagance of the event. “It looks like a wedding invitation, not a baby invitation!” Kelsey exclaimed. They also mocked the couple for requesting that guests only show up in “white, gold or khaki” to the event.

juliette porter
Juliette Porter is all smiles while stopping by HollywoodLife for an exclusive photo shoot. (Paige Kindlick)

Then, things got a bit more serious, as Juliette addressed Madisson and Alex’s friendship. “It’s so f***ing obnoxious,” she said. “I think you should skip the baby shower and hang with us. You’re always with them. You skipped Friendsgiving. You’re gonna pick Alex over me?!” Madisson was visibly uncomfortable, and Juliette continued, albeit in a somewhat joking matter. “You’re such a traitor,” she said. “What the hell! Are you like best friends with him now? You wanted a baby so you’re going to live through Alyssa now.”

Kelsey couldn’t help but agree with Juliette, and Madisson shifted as she tried to steer the conversation in another direction. We’ll have to see if this escalates when the full episode of Siesta Key airs on July 28 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.

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